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S&P Global

“We have seen exceptional jumps in engagement since implementing Concured.”

The Challenge

S&P provide iconic and innovative index solutions backed by unparalleled expertise across the asset-class spectrum. The company generates a considerable amount of content on a daily basis, prioritizing delivering high-quality content tailored to its audience’s needs. S&P’s content covers a diverse range of complex topics authored by various business divisions.

To maximize the value of every article produced, S&P sought intelligent solutions that could enhance their longevity and boost their return on investment.

Speed up processes

Tagging content and creating journeys takes a huge amount of time to set up, continually update, and maintain. S&P needed quick and easy implementation.

Improve resource efficiencies

Getting the resource to continually tag content and create journeys can be a challenge. S&P needed a single POV tool, with multi-divisional access, to increase team agility.

Affordable innovation

Typically, personalization tools are labour-intensive and demand substantial time and resources to set up and maintain, resulting in high costs. S&P opted to partner with Concured due to their effortless plug-and-play integration and reasonable pricing.

The Solution

With Concured’s Al, all of S&P’s content was automatically found, tagged, and scored in a single database. The Concured Personalization widget then pushed the best, most relevant content to the right lead at the right time. All with minimal fuss and swift implementation.

Effortlessly personalize content journeys

Automated Al content tagging and “next best content” rules saving thousands of hours.

Quick, painless setup

Smart, light touch Plug & Play implementation. No engineering needed.

Demonstrate a clear ROl

See a clear uplift in engagement metrics, forms filled and revenue generated from your content

The Results

S&P’s Global Content and Digital Team leveraged Concured’s Content Recommendations to optimize their content’s positioning across their owned channels and encourage readers to delve deeper into their global email marketing content.

By collaborating with Concured, S&P can now successfully deliver personalized content to their audience, enhancing engagement, reducing bounce rates, boosting page views, attracting more newsletter subscribers, driving conversions, and streamlining their workflow. 

With Concured’s help, they’ve achieved:

133% Increase in page views

90% Drop in bounce rates for bar users


“Concured helps us focus on building audiences with the right content. We have seen exceptional jumps in engagement since implementing Concured.” – Nathan Hunt, S&P Head of Content and Digital

“The amount of time Concured has saved our team has unlocked a whole host of value now we have the brain and diary  space to innovate and deliver even more.”- Molly Mintz, S&P Global Editor

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