Supercharge content
engagement and efficiency

On average 2x more page views and 10x more conversions with AI-powered content recommendations and intelliegence

How it works

See how our AI supercharges your content ROI

Increase content effectiveness

By serving content that is more personalised to potential customers’ needs and so is more likely to convert them.

“Recommending content used to take a whole team several hours to find, configure and send”

Molly Mintz, S&P Global Editor

S&P Global

Conversion rate

Average conversion rate
from our recommendations (industry average is 0.8%)

more page views

Average number of pages
viewed with our recommendations (industry average is 1)

Increase content efficiency

By allowing that content to be more easily used and automatically served to customers, increasing its visibility and longevity

Concured maximizes
the power of content









Concured maximizes the power of content

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Q: How can Personalization work around GDPR?

A: User specific data will be stored in the EU from late 2022 (currently stored in the US). User tracking is built on Google Analytics 3, which constitutes a 3rd-party tracker; later in 2022 this will be upgraded to a proprietary Ist-party track to be compliant with GDPR without requiring explicit opt-in.

Q: How secure is the data captured?

A: No personally identifying information (PII) of web visitors is acquired nor stored. Any data captured is stored in GCP logs, Google Analytics, or Concured’s database. The data will be neither sold nor distributed under any other arrangement with 3rd parties.

Q: How much Content do I need?

A: At least 100 text pages published in the preceding 12 months, and a publication rate of at least 2 new pieces of content per month on an ongoing basis.

Q: How much IT time is required?

A: Not much at all – a simple code snippet should be added (via your CMS) to each page on your website and that’s it! Concured then manage where and when the Engagement Bar appears.

Q: Does the Engagement Bar Impact the load times?

A: In 95% of cases, the Bar renders in less than 200ms so it has no perceptible impact on load times.

Q: How can we see the impact Concured is having?

A: Ask your client representative to set up access to the Concured web application. Here you will have access to a suite of Analytics, including metrics like Pages per Session, CTA vs Content Clicks and much more. This data is exportable.