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Content Marketing Institute

“We wanted a simple solution to help increase reader engagement and the number of people viewing event pages”

The Challenge

As a renowned authority in content marketing, the Content Marketing Institute consistently strives to elevate its visitors’ online experience.

The primary objective is to captivate users and seamlessly transition them from passive readers to active customers. To achieve this, CMI sought a sophisticated solution that could intelligently leverage its content without imposing a significant resource burden.

The Solution

CMI opted to explore Concured’s cutting-edge Personalization solution for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, the solution’s seamless implementation process and capacity to interconnect different facets of its online platform. However, the most critical aspect was the utilization of Concured’s advanced Al and Deep Learning Technology to provide the most relevant recommendations possible to their visitors.

Leveraging Concured’s AI capabilities, CMI successfully augments visitor engagement through customized recommendations tailored to their unique preferences.


Simple Setup

Our automated tagging, rules and JavaScript implementation made implementation a quick, low-touch experience.

Increased Engagement

By serving more personalized content to customers’ needs, engagement becomes maximized, converting more people into leads.

Reduced Content Waste

The right content is delivered to the right person at the right time. Older content comes back to life and every customer’s experience is personalized and relevant.

The Results


CMI’s Editorial and Marketing Teams harnessed Concured’s AI Engagement Bar to optimize the placement of relevant content, enriching the user’s experience, and catalyzing event registrations to drive deeper engagement with their platform.

Together, CMI and Concured ensure the right content reaches the right reader, at the right time. The results? Heightened audience engagement, increased pages per session, event subscribers, and conversions.

Within the first 2 months of using Concured’s Al Engagement Bar. CMI saw the following results:

214% Increase in pages per session

28.7% СТА clicks on the Engagement Bar


“The Engagement Bar helps visitors to our site find both related content and relevant events. We’re pleased with its ability to surface the right content to the right visitor especially because it saves my team from having to curate the recommendations.” – Kim Moutsos, VP, Editorial at Content Marketing Institute

“We’re delighted to work with Content Marketing Institute, who are Thought Leaders in Content Marketing. They know the impact Personalization of Content has on people. and we’re seeing the results proven through those who engage with our Al Engagement Bar. Content Personalization is so important to get the best return from Content and Concured’s plug-and-play solution is here to make that happen.” – Tom Salvat, CEO at Concured

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