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“We wanted to maximize the value of our content to help drive more Product Demos and MLQs”

The Challenge

Using the latest technology in the space, Capdesk was founded to help businesses by offering them a market-leading Equity Management solution. As such, Capdesk is always looking at unique technology to enhance its offering.

The challenge for Concured was to engage more users on their website, guiding them to the Product Tour tab to witness the platform in action and convert more silent scrollers into qualified leads.

The Solution

Capdesk identified Concured’s Engagement Bar as the best solution for them. Using Concured’s Al and Deep Learning Technology, the Engagement Bar was able to address the challenge they faced with a light-touch implementation process to deliver the best possible experience for their users.

Simple Setup

Our automated tagging, rules and JavaScript implementation made implementation a quick, low-touch experience.

Increased Engagement

By serving content that is more personalized to customers’ needs, engagement becomes maximized, converting more people into leads.

Reduced Content Waste

The right content is delivered to the right person at the right time. Older content comes back to life and every customer’s experience is personalized and relevant.

The Results

Capdesk’s Growth and Performance Team wanted to maximise the value of their content and drive more Product Demos and MQLs. They achieved this by using Concured Al to always put the best, most relevant content in front of every visitor.


Capdesk and Concured have worked together to ensure that the Engagement Bar design looked native to the Capdesk site, giving users a smooth journey to more relevant content.


Within the first 3 months of using Concured’s Al Engagement Bar, Capdesk saw the following results from users:

4x more content consumed by users

30x more CTA clicks on the bar than industry averages


“We have seen a real impact on our engagement metrics since implementing the Concured Engagement Bar. The Bar looks native to our site and offers a great link between our content pages and our Product Tour page. The increase in average page views per user has simply been incredible!”- Berkay Doganli, Performance Marketing Manager, Capdesk

“We are delighted to have seen such strong results with Capdesk. Concured is built to help companies with rich content increase their value, and within a few weeks, that’s exactly what we did. We were up, running, and delivering value within just 10 days.” – Tom Salvat, CEO, Concured

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