Why marketing technology must catch up to other business segments, and how concured can help

Have you ever been working on a project and it just seemed to flow? You got lost in the work and hours went by. Before you knew it, you had all the work done!

On other occasions, getting something accomplished may have felt like pulling teeth. The minutes slowly and painfully tick by and nothing seems to be going the way it should.

When you plan out a content marketing campaign, you want things to go smoothly. You gather your team, explain what you want to happen, what the company needs to happen, and everything may start wonderfully. But, at some point in the process, everything just seems to fall apart.

Deadlines aren’t met. The work just doesn’t come out the way it should have. The campaign falls behind and grows weak.

Concured data allows us to see exactly what topics we should focus on to engage our audience.
This helps us to justify our decisions and gain buy-in from others across the business.

Chris Marais

Social & Digital Marketing Lead
at Nationwide

What happened? Why did one campaign go so smoothly and the next fall apart from the get-go?

If this describes something that happens in your campaigns, you might have a workflow problem. So how can you improve your workflow so that your next content marketing campaign goes more smoothly?

Let’s talk about that.

Everyone Has a Workflow

Whether your team is 50 people or just two, you have a workflow that you follow. You may not call it a workflow, but you have one, nonetheless.

What is a workflow? Simply put, your workflow is how you do things as a team or individual. The order of the steps you take to accomplish your goal. The communication and process.

Everyone has a certain way of doing things. The problem is, what kind of workflow do you have for your tasks? Is it consistent? Are there inefficiencies that should be corrected?

You won’t know any of this unless you write your workflow down, which is the first step in paving the way for smoother campaigns.