Why AI Marketing Is Important To Your Content Development Strategy

When was the last time you came up with a content idea that really captured the interest of your audience? Do you even know?

Content marketing is changing fast. Until recently content generation was about little more than encouraging a few switched on individuals to blog occasionally. Content marketing is now both strategic and measurable.

Today’s audience is voracious, demanding blogs, articles, eBooks, videos, even tweets, that are relevant, insightful, innovative and compelling. And the competition is fierce – organisations of every size now recognise the value of an effective, focused content marketing strategy.

How can any business stand out from the crowd and ensure content truly reflects – and continues to pique – the interests and expectations of the audience?

Idea Generation – Brainstorming

It has become standard practice to periodically bring together groups of mixed ability and experienced staff with the view to bounce around ideas and dream up new content. Run well, these brainstorms can be incredibly valuable. Run badly, they become nothing more than an exercise in self-promotion.

How Do You Create Engaging Content

Great ideas are essential – but it is also important to ensure the content is as engaging as the idea and resonates with the audience. Always remember the buyer personas and how each wants to engage with content. There are so many different ways to purpose content – from short, digestible, popcorn content to technical, highly informed white papers to video content. • Where will the audience consume this content? And how? For example, 70% of businesses report that video is now their top channel for driving conversions, according to Demand Metric.

Measuring Success and Prescribing Future Content

One of the biggest gaps in many content marketing strategies is a failure to measure. Yet what is the objective of investing in content generation? Each blog, eBook and video provides a vital piece of buyer persona insight – it is absolutely fundamental to capture that knowledge.

Isn’t There A Better Way?

The missing piece of the ideation puzzle is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help content writers come up with new ideas. AI can: Help you understand what topics your audience is engaging with by undertaking automated content audits. While a manual audit of your business, the competition and the publishers is incredibly time consuming and error prone, AI can deliver rapid insight into current ideas that are resonating with your buyer personas, enabling you to move away from a slow, unfocused content creation process.

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