Top Ways AI Can Be Used For Almost Any Business

One thing that holds businesses back from using artificial intelligence is a fear that they don’t have enough data. AI tools need to have access to enough data to distill it down into actionable business insights.

Thanks to advances in AI and data gathering, there are now AI tools like Concured that don’t have to rely on a dataset you possess to be useful. We want to share some top ways that AI is used to improve almost any business.


Web analytics is a mature space. Businesses rarely write their own tools to measure web analytics because the current tools are so good. The question now is how to interpret them to gain true insight into what is going on and to predict what will happen.

This is where AI analytics platforms can help your company leverage the power of publicly available data. Tools like Concured scour the web for data based on particular queries and boils it down in ways that standard analytics packages cannot touch. It’s especially suited for web analytics because there is no workable way for humans to keep track of all the activity on the web, even in a particular niche.


Chatbots are another way that AI is reaching more businesses. In fact, this is probably the most common use of AI at the moment for companies that do not have a lot of data. The AI in these comes from natural language processing tools. People can use voice and text to talk with a program that can answer their questions and perform simple tasks such as scheduling a call or taking an order.

While chatbot systems exist for websites, the most common ones you’ll find are on social media platforms like Facebook. If you’ve been looking for a customer service solution for basic questions and you have a Facebook presence, this is something to investigate in 2020.

Human Resources

Human resources is undergoing a major AI shift just like marketing and sales have done in the last few years. AI is now being used to measure employee behavior data to predict several things, like which business divisions are most prone to attrition, how to align the best employees for the right projects, and matching candidates to the right jobs to reduce time to hire. In fact, some companies use chatbots for their initial interviews to gather basic information about a candidate, then process it for the best ones before passing them onto a human reviewer. If you haven’t switched jobs in some time, it might surprise you that your next interview might be with a program than a person.

From one perspective, any program ever created has just been a way to do a task faster and more effectively than a human can. Some problems and tasks have been too difficult for computers to do until AI became mature enough to offer effective business solutions.

Now these solutions are everywhere and reaching more and more companies no matter their size, and the companies that don’t learn how to use them will lose agility and could end up losing to their competition. Make 2020 the year to investigate AI solutions for your company.