Top 3 Topics Driving Engagement in Retail Banking


One of the many benefits of content intelligence is the ability to gauge and delineate the parameters of the most relevant topics of individual readers across every industry. For instance, in retail banking, there is significant reliance on innovating both transactional systems and offerings that appeal to consumers by way of content that attracts them to utilise their services.

According to the analytics from one of these searches, in today’s post-pandemic world, retail banking’s main goals aim to further drive customer-focused services through inclusivity both within the company along the target audience they appeal to by taking women, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ+ communities into account. The importance of the infrastructure created as well as the cost-benefit analysis used to draw up the rates, services offered and security measures in place are also expected to factor in the demands, needs and expectations of those communities as well as traditional audiences.

Additionally, offering services along individualised consumer-centric metrics identifying the cost-benefit analyses of market concerns and risks is integral in ensuring business growth. These metrics also factor in trends in savings and spending on luxury goods, leisure activities and the day-to-day needs (utilities et al) of account holders, as well as the annual percentages of different tax and interest rates on payments like debts and loans. Given the increased reliance on digital banking, cashless payments and automated billing options, engineering sufficient infrastructure is now more tech-focused than ever before.

Meant to ensure the security of the customer’s money and the range of their transactions in a universally understandable simple and seamless process is core in their user and/or customer experience. This ultimately defines their banking choices, which in turn, can have some level of influence over their financial well-being in the long run.

Hence, offering recommendations to both existing and potential customers based on the general assessment and more detailed analyses of defining factors such as highly specific consumer trends is key to generating healthy yields. This is also imperative in nurturing reliable recommendations for the relevant type of content that appeals to a wider audience in order to translate into quantifiable company growth on either side of the business.

The trends and insights from this blog post are sourced from Concured’s Campaign solution:

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