Needing AI Next Year Is No Prediction

The technologies of artificial intelligence continue to make their way across all business sectors. Gartner believes that 80% of all technology will rest on an AI foundation by next year. If you’re not already using AI in your business, the message is clear. The market will leave you behind.

AI Transforms Content Marketing

Yes, this includes content marketers. Fortunately for the writers, AI isn’t close to writing long-form content well yet, but AI solutions like Concured are popping up to help with content marketing tasks. These solutions have been available long enough for businesses to leverage their potential.

The time for experimentation is over. AI is no longer a toy. It’s now a tool you need to have in your toolbox. AI is currently used to craft shorter pieces of content like email subjects, PPC ads, and even social media updates. Tools like Concured help companies find content gaps, predict what the audience wants to read next and compare content across competitors to reveal what topics will have the highest impact.

What else is AI poised to help with? One thing is SEO. We’re rapidly moving away from making educated guesses about what keywords are hot in a particular niche. Instead, AI analyzes the possibilities for us. Combined with the technology above, you can find out not just what the audience wants to read but which exact topics will bring in the most traffic.

It Will Get Easier

If AI makes you feel you need to go back to school to get a degree in data science, we have some good news. Like most new technologies, it will get easier to use as we create new solutions. Now that tools are getting good data, programmers can focus on creating experiences that bring the power of AI to us mere marketers.

One day, we expect to see AI tools offer lists of suggestions and improvements about your use case in a way that’s much like your spellchecker. It will be up to people to debate on the merits of the suggestions, and there will always be value digging into the data to see why a tool came up with that decision for the scientists out there. However, as AI continues to prove itself, we’ll feel more comfortable hiding the data and trusting the solutions.

Someone Needs To Learn It

If you don’t have someone with AI experience on your team, this is an excellent opportunity for you. Learning the basics of AI terminology is useful. It will help you learn which AI solutions have merit and which ones do not. It will also help you brainstorm use cases for AI for your particular situation.

You don’t have to go out and learn to program from scratch to use AI. There are AI solutions on the market for many tasks now that are simple to use. It’s time to figure out the best ones for your needs and start leveraging them early before your competition does. If you don’t, you may find your marketing losing its edge by the end of the year.