IDG and Concured launch world’s first AI-powered Content-as-a-Service product for Tech Industry

– IDG Content Studio combines AI content marketing intelligence system with industry-leading technology editorial team –

LONDON, UK, 16 April 2020 – IDG UK, part of the world’s #1 tech media company, and Concured, the multi-award-winning AI-powered content intelligence platform, have today announced the launch of IDG Content Studio – a new and unique, AI-powered Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) product offering for marketing professionals in the Technology industry.

IDG Content Studio will see IDG’s market-leading editorial and creative talents leverage Concured’s content intelligence platform to provide best-in-class content marketing for IDG’s B2B and B2C technology clients.

This new and unique CaaS offering combines Concured’s AI-powered insights and IDG’s deep understanding of technology buyers. The partnership of Concured’s software platform and IDG’s editorial and creative team will provide technology marketers with an opportunity to pinpoint exactly what are the most effective topics for their content marketing, with the highest probability of engagement, delivering high quality copy written by a market-leading editorial team.

The IDG Content Studio is a unique, new CaaS product which will help technology marketers improve their content marketing Return on investment (ROI) by:

  • Gaining an unparalleled, AI-driven understanding of their audiences’ needs and interests
  • Identifying their content gaps and advising brands how they produce ‘sticky’ content which drives engagement
  • Creating best-in-class content which ultimately improves brand awareness, generates leads and drives the sales pipeline

The launch of IDG’s Content Studio comes at a time when technology marketers are struggling to drive sustainable results from their content marketing efforts.

Market research has shown that while 76% of tech marketers believe they are ‘much more’ or ‘somewhat more’ successful at content marketing than they were a year ago, they face increasing competition in this area.

Marketers are spending more money to produce more content, but this has seen technology content creation become a crowded and competitive space with dwindling returns. All of this makes it difficult for marketers to make their voice heard, and harder to justify their content marketing investments to the wider business. Changing audience behaviours and the almost constant emergence of new content topics can also make it hard for marketers to stay relevant.

Such problems have been accentuated by undocumented content strategies, a lack of knowledge around audience interests and an inability to turn audience data into tangible insights that inform content creation. These factors often have a negative impact on marketers’ ability to achieve a clear ROI.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, only a third of technology marketers say they are ‘extremely’ or ‘very successful’ with their content marketing – with much of this stemming from a lack of insight around their content landscape and audience.

“Marketers rely too much on incomplete, anecdotal or solely qualitative insights to inform content marketing initiatives,” noted analysts at Gartner, in a separate report.

With IDG Content Studio, technology marketers have the opportunity to understand their content landscape better than ever before, get to grips with the ever-changing needs and desires of their target audience, and ultimately work with proven technology journalists to produce best-in-class content that drives market awareness and accelerates the sales cycle.

IDG Content Studio services are sold on a subscription basis and start from £3,500 per month.

IDG Content Studio marks the first joint venture as part of a broader strategic partnership between IDG and Concured, an alliance which will also see Concured’s content intelligence technology made available to IDG’s creative, content, and social teams for integrated content marketing campaigns.

IDG UK Managing Director, Jim McGinty, said: “Combining IDG’s technology sector expertise, skilled journalists and first-party data with Concured’s deep suite of content intelligence tools will give our customers powerful insights into their target audience and the types of content which will resonate with them and the ability to create content which delivers results. This is all about removing guesswork and driving results through content marketing.”

McGinty continues, “The collaboration between our two companies opens opportunities for clients to combine Concured’s intelligence with IDG’s insight and editorial expertise. It adds an extra layer of quality to what we both do –a great basis for a partnership.”

Concured’s CEO, Tom Salvat, commented: “Content marketers have two major questions to contend with: “What do they write about?” and “Who do they get to create great quality, engaging copy?” Delivering Content as a Service (CaaS) from IDG UK solves both issues. IDG Content Studio will deliver content that is data-driven, transparent and crafted to increase commercial success for technology companies.”

Salvat continues, “We believe that branded content is the future of marketing and our partnership with IDG enables us to provide what we believe to be the best content in the world for technology companies backed by data and results. Our partnership provides an almost unfair advantage to our customers.”

To find out more about IDG Content Studio call +44 (0) 20 7101 3147 to speak to a sales representative.