Ideas For Your Law Firms Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a powerful tool to have in your firm’s marketing toolkit.  But what do you talk about?  That’s the challenge, of course.  You want something engaging, endearing, and converting. Here are some guidelines on making engaging content.

Answer Questions

Your insight and your opinion is valuable, and offering it to your readers will help break the ice and allow them to get a better understanding of your firm. You may already have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for some of the basics. Consider expanding it, or creating one if you don’t have one.

To find questions to answer, you can pull from your own experience, that of your peers, or even through Quora, a crowdsourcing Q&A site.  

In your FAQs you want to be as thorough as possible without bumping against communication regulations.


Offer Something Unique

You know what separates the other guys from your firm?  You.  You’ve got an amazing set of experiences, thoughts, and ideas that you bring to the table, something nobody else can do.  That’s where the difference is made between your firms and other firms.

Look at the news.  Are there local events happening that can be viewed through your lens?  Do you have particularly interesting case studies?  Can you tell a story?  Help your future clients get to know what makes you different.  

Speak the Language of your Clients

Your clients have varying degrees of knowledge about the law, but most likely they are not as adept as you.  That’s the reason that they come to you in the first place.  

Your clients come to you so that they can get their problems solved.  That’s why they give you money.  But if they feel like you cannot relate to them or explain law to them in language they can understand, then you’re at a disadvantage. The content that you provide on your site should be written in plain English as much as possible. Save the legalese for the courtroom.  


Remember that It’s All About Them

When you use Content Marketing, you’re building a lead magnet. But unlike a magnet, you have to create something they like. Before you can talk about what you can provide your clients, talk about something that they’re interested in.  Walk into their world so you can lead them back to yours.

This can be done through researching common questions new clients have and angling your writing toward answering those questions. Or you can do something creative by talking about your interests, or even telling a joke!

While Content Marketing might be new for lawyers, it can be used as a powerful tool to attract clients. Knowing what to talk about and how to present that information is the key to making the clients stream in.  What can you offer to the stage that draws attention?

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