How Financial Sector Marketers Use Content Intelligence To Increase Audience Engagement

Content marketing AI platforms are going to change the way all businesses approach their audiences. It’s only in the past few years that AI has been used as an effective tool for business, it’s much like the early days of the internet – we’re still fumbling around a lot. But it’s through that fumbling that business is going to learn about better ways to increase audience engagement.

For industries that are seen as traditional, stodgy or even boring, like finance – that’s a real boon. There are lots of interesting things the public can gain from delving deeper into finance, but communicating that passion and utility has been a challenge. Content marketing has helped some, but the basics are covered by everyone.

Content intelligence is going to be the next revolution in delivering experiences for banks that their customers will enjoy and find useful. Those experiences will deepen the customer’s knowledge of finance and increase their trust of their banking or financial institutions. Here are just some of the ways we predict this will happen:

Customer Service


Content marketers have known for years that learning which questions are asked often of customer service representatives make great content topics. But this depends on the customers asking the right questions. Content Strategy Platforms (CSP)s can use customer responses to pull out topics that the customers want to know about, but don’t have the language to ask. This leads to the creation of new pieces of content that help customers on a deeper level.

Individualized Attention


Content intelligence will also make it possible to create new sales funnel paths that are truly individualized to each customer, predicting when they might be ready for certain offers. Banking AI tools that use machine learning can be set on studying the patterns created by people who are ready to invest, buy a home, open a new account, or whatever the bank wants to have customers do. When those patterns are detected, then certain pieces of content can be recommended as needed, for instance when a customer signs into their banking app.

This also gives content pieces a more granular context within a funnel. Each article, podcast, video, or other piece of content can have just a few roles to play. That makes it much easier to measure ROI for each piece of content and the campaign as a whole. Something that Hubspot does very well.

Winning Customers

Patterns of content consumption can also reveal how value-conscious a customer might be. Let’s say a customer reads a lot of articles about saving money. This can signal that a customer is frugal-minded and might not be willing to open a line of credit. Banks could save money by not offering credit offers to them until the signals say otherwise, or offer a special line with favorable terms for people with that mindset. Content intelligence platforms have the potential to massively increase the effectiveness of conversion offers by reading the signals in advance.

In short, content intelligence allows financial marketers to meet customers with relevant and timely information.

For more insight about how content intelligence will help the financial industry, see our latest  White paper on “What is Content Intelligence…”