How Are You Using Big Data In Content Marketing?

Big Data.  It’s not some new rapper that’s just made it to the scene to help out with your marketing efforts.

It’s something quite magical, like when you finally absorbed the fact that there are 100 billion galaxies each with 100 billion stars.

or when you think about how we might be tiny little specks in an ocean of information. 

Just by existing and interacting with the web, we are generating huge amounts of data. The volume of data that everyone generates every day is so huge that it’s difficult for humans to interpret it. But clever data scientists are coming up with ways to do so. But how can you, a content marketer, use Big Data to drive your content?

How do content marketers use big data?

It’s one thing to have zettabytes (and that’s not a made up word!) worth of data at your fingertips.  It’s another to be able to use those, to bring in what your clients are really after: more clients.

The purpose of content marketing is to engage customers. If you know your customer well, you can engage with them much more easily. It’s quite similar to how you can get an impression of someone from reading their dating profile. 
Having Big Data at your fingertips allows you to get a broader and more accurate picture of who your customers and clients are. Leveraged properly, Big Data can get you a profile of any potential customer, and a quite accurate one at that.

Tim Doolittle, VP of CRM and marketing science at Avis said that Big Data, “…increased the effectiveness of our contact strategy, in many cases above 30% over control.
(5 ways marketers can use Big Data).

Analysing Big Data allows us to get a better handle on where specific people are in the buying process. By looking at the information that they provide, you can use tools like predictive lead scoring to market and offer options in real time to clients. 
For a content marketer, one of the coolest things about Big Data is that it allows you to calibrate the effectiveness of your marketing collateral, even before you send it. As we start to get a handle on Big Data, there are new tools being introduced to process it and provide real answers.

By taking advantage of this constant stream of information, you can take the content marketing that you do for your client to the next level.  Are you using Big Data in your content marketing efforts?

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