Cycling through the Content Journey of a Lifetime

Great content and story telling is key to engaging an audience, that’s why we fell in love this story and will be sponsoring intandemstories! Two cyclists travelling the world meeting communities from all walks of life, documenting their incredible journey along the way. 

You can follow Oli and Ruth’s experiences in their blog where they post endearingly human statistics, our favourites are:

  • ‘what the hell are we doing?!’ moments: 5
  • coffees consumed: too many
  • items lost: 7 but they no longer matter (except you, Bear, we can’t believe you jumped ship)

Oli and Ruth partnered with to make this journey possible. A non-profit who believe ‘a kinder world starts with ALL of us’. The pair will be documenting their experiences as they go – building up material for a book as well as their calf muscles.

The couples Instagram account showcases a great journey for its viewers to follow – without having to break a sweat ourselves. There’s a lot we can learn from Oli and Ruth’s journey as Content Marketers, like “What makes this story so compelling?”. Here’s our take on it:

Oli and Ruth’s adventure has been documented in such a way that people around the world are cheering them on to complete this ‘impossible task’. Their content is accessible on a number of platforms in a variety of mediums; images, blog posts and videos. Their updates are informative, humourous and act as validation of their venture. 

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– Safe travels Oli and Ruth!