Content Intelligence Explained in 60 seconds

Content Intelligence offers content marketers the data they need to better understand their audience, what their strategy should be and prove ROI. Content Intelligence enables content marketers to gain valuable insights from volumes of data that help make better, data driven decisions that help create more effective content. It also helps content marketers to justify decisions and manage upwards more effectively.

It’s no question that content marketing is the preferred marketing strategy for online businesses due to its effectiveness, however, it can feel a lot like shouting into a void and hoping for an echo. It’s a serious issue and it’s only getting worse. Content Intelligence is the solution for truly cracking content marketing’s foundational problems. There is so much content generated on the internet every day that marketers need to be much smarter about their content management strategies to prove content ROI.

Content In numbers

How much content? Here’s the information on social media as of October, 2017:
• 656 million tweets per day
• 4 millions hours of content to YouTube per day
• 67 million Instagram
• 4.3 billion Facebook messages per day

Reducing the Noise

Solving the problems of content marketing is crucial because there have been signs that content marketing is losing its effectiveness. The reason why is that there is so much to read and so much more content created every day is that people are forced to filter their information consumption just to keep up even in the small bubbles that we’ve created for ourselves.

Increasing Enagagment

The mantra for increasing engagement has often been “if you build it, they will come”. It drives the creation of the huge amounts of data thrown out by businesses every day. But while you do have to put something out there to get attention, we’ve learned that more is not necessarily better. You have to know how your audience is engaging with that content.