CONCURED Honoured as a “Cool Vendor In Personalization” by Gartner Research

Gartner Research released their “Cool Vendors in Personalization” report for 2019. We are pleased to announce that CONCURED is one of these vendors! According to the report’s website: “This research focuses on five vendors that go beyond targeted marketing and custom offers to unleash new opportunities for your personalization initiatives.”

Tom Salvat, CEO of CONCURED said: “As a platform purpose-built to empower marketers and improve both the speed and quality of their content output, we firmly believe that Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Personalization 2019 report is the latest vindication of AI In the marketing sphere.”

CONCURED is the field-leading solution for content personalization, seamlessly integrating into the analysis and decision-making processes for creative departments, reducing both the time and effort needed to produce quantifiable insights,” continues Salvat. “With the capacity that AI has to analyze incredible volumes of data in-depth, CONCURED can help marketers produce better content faster, and then personalize its delivery to maximize ROI.”

Content personalization is the next stage of content marketing. Companies must leverage the data they have on their customers to give them content that keeps up their engagement with brands while also driving them deeper into marketing funnels.

But this cannot be done through human means alone. Artificial Intelligence is necessary to sift through the data and find the signals that show what customers and clients really want to see. One of the challenges identified in the report states: “Content remains a barrier to personalization, as marketing teams struggle to adapt their content creation and approval workflows to deliver against the volume and velocity of content needed to scale personalization.”

The purpose of content must also go beyond sales and into creating quality customer experiences. The report states: “Marketing leaders are still focused on personalizing marketing and digital commerce, missing the opportunity to personalize the customer experience (CX), such as using survey data to optimize experience design and tailor customers’ interactions with connected devices.” 

CONCURED’s ability to stay on the pulse of what people are reading in our customer’s niches is what enables our clients to successfully personalize their content for both better CX and for better sales.

This is not the first time that CONCURED has been honored by Gartner. In the 2018 version of Gartner’s “Insight-Driven Content: Using Quantitative Data to Inform Content Strategy and Creation” report, we were named a sample vendor for our use of artificial intelligence to sift through how people were interacting with content and draw conclusions that aren’t possible otherwise.

We want to thank Gartner for their research and their promotion of CONCURED. It is proof that our company is on the cutting edge of content personalization and the use of artificial intelligence in marketing.