8 Tools for AI-powered Marketing

The AI revolution is already here. If you’ve not yet harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to enhance your marketing strategy, there’s no better time to do so.

Getting started with artificial intelligence in marketing may seem like an intimidating prospect but in reality, the complex code is all hidden under the hood. There are now several AI-powered tools available for digital marketers that will enable you to take advantage of this exciting technology with the minimum of effort.


Of course, we have to kick off this list with our very own AI-powered content marketing tool, Concured.

Concured is a content strategy platform designed to help you produce content that better aligns with your audience and goals. It will save you time and gives you an advantage over your competitors.

With this tool, you can create a full content strategy driven by advanced intelligence that will boost your engagement and ROI. Features include:

  • Live content audit so you can instantly find and re-use your best-performing existing content.
  • Research module to discover the topics that your audience wants to learn more about as well as valuable competitor insight.
  • Planning tool for creating detailed content briefs to share with your marketing agency and content creators.
  • Distribution tool that helps you to promote your content across your social media platforms at exactly the right time.
  • Performance tracking and analysis that enables you to accurately calculate the ROI of each piece of content you produce.

You can find out more about CONCURED and book a demo here.

2. Phrasee

Do you wish you had the copywriting skills to craft the perfect email subject line or Facebook ad every time? Then your wish has come true in the form of Phrasee – software powered by deep learning that uses AI to generate compelling copy with language optimized for your audience.

Phrasee uses Natural Language algorithms to generate millions of variations of copy at the touch of a button. The software analyzes all the marketing copy you’ve used over the last few months to get a feel of your brand voice and the language that resonates with your audience. This is so effective that Phrasee copy actually outperforms that written by humans in 98% of cases.

Phrasee products are available for email, Facebook and Instagram, and push notifications. You can book a demo online to see how it works.

3. Answer Bot

Answer Bot is a chatbot from the team behind customer service software portal Zendesk. The bot specializes in answering customer questions using a combination of machine learning and the content in your Zendesk knowledge base. Answer Bot is multilingual and provides instant answers to customers 24/7, freeing up your customer support team to answer more complex queries and build relationships.

The bot scans the customer question and suggests relevant articles to answer. If the customer feels that their question has been answered, the support request is closed, otherwise it will be routed to a human agent.

Answer Bot is part of Zendesk Guide, and prices start from $50 a month.

4. Shopify Messenger

Shopify Messenger is another chatbot, this time aimed at e-commerce stores using Shopify so they can communicate with their customers from inside Facebook Messenger.

Customers can browse items and shop directly in the Messenger app all the way to checkout. They will also receive automated notifications about their orders. The bot can also deal with general customer service questions

Shopify Messenger is free for existing Shopify users.

5. Sentient Ascend

Sentient Ascend is A/B testing and optimization software that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to increase conversions and find optimal variations of copy, layout, and design much faster than with traditional split testing.

Ascend enables testing of multiple variables in a single experiment and automatically generates new versions of designs that outperform the original.

Full funnel optimization allows ideas to be tested across multiple pages. The AI-powered algorithms can compress years’ worth of testing into a month. A real-time analysis dashboard shows you what’s working and helps you to learn more about your audience.

You can find out more about Ascend or book a demo at their website.

6. Recombee

Recombee is an AI-powered recommendation engine that uses customer behavior and engagement to predict future purchases and offer Amazon and Netflix-style product recommendations that can be used on your webpage and in email campaigns.

Recombee uses real-time machine learning algorithms for the most accurate recommendations, which can be returned immediately after a user action on the website.

With easy integration into a wide range of platforms, it’s intended to increase conversion rates, boost profits, increase loyalty and retention, and improve the customer experience.

Prices start from $99 a month and you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

7. Stackla

Stackla is a visual content engine that enables you to discover and curate content from across social media platforms for use on your own social media accounts or website.

This is a time-consuming task when done manually but Stackla uses the power of AI to automatically recognize objects, scenes, events, and emotions. It will then predict the content that will perform best with your audience. You can also connect directly to your e-commerce store as the software automatically identifies and tags products in your images.

Stackla is used by big brands including Topshop, Virgin Holidays, and Toyota, and reports some impressive stats such as a 440% increase in engagement and 11:1 return on investment.

You can request a demo of Stackla on their website.

8. Optimail

Optimail uses the power of AI to help you create email campaigns that will adjust automatically in terms of timing, content, and personalization to improve open rates and engagement. This will also reduce spam reports.

The AI algorithms used by Optimail are more effective and faster than using A/B testing to optimize your email campaigns. They enable you to tailor your emails to individual customers.

Advanced analytics reporting gives you insights into your audience so you can learn more about your customers, and the effectiveness of each email campaign is automatically measured and given a simple score.

Optimail pricing starts from $25 a month.

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