Auto AI Tagging

Tired of time-consuming manual tagging? So were we. That’s why we created an Auto AI Tagging system to tag content quickly and accurately.

Goodbye manual, Hello AI

Our AI-powered content recommendation platform has been designed to help marketers accelerate buyer journeys by putting the most effective content that resonates in front of their audience. 

With Concured Auto AI Tagging, you can automatically crawl, scrape, and topic-tag all of your content with the most relevant, consistent and accurate tags using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

How auto AI tagging works

Step 1: Simply share a content url (just one, we automatically find all of your content from there). We support a wide range of content formats, including text, images, and videos.

Step 2: Our platform uses advanced AI algorithms to analyse your content and extract the most relevant and accurate tags.

Step 3: Review and edit your tags if necessary to ensure they meet your specific needs.

Step 4: Once you’re happy with your tags, our AI uses them to optimize your customers’ content experience, improving your content performance, and driving more engagement and conversions.

Save time on manual tagging

Improve accuracy of content tags

Optimise your content strategy with data-driven insights

Ready to get started?

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