Auto AI Rules

With Concured’s Auto AI Rules, you can deliver content that speaks directly to your visitors’ interests and needs, personalise their journey, and increase engagement and conversions.

How auto AI rules work

Our AI engine uses a blend of topical similarity and Machine Learning to find the best, most successful personalized journey for each visitor 1-1. Auto AI Rules is designed to help you deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, based on their behaviour and interests.

Set Your Rules

Define the rules that trigger specific content, based on visitors’ interests and behaviour

Deploy Your Content

Concured’s AI engine analyzes visitors’ behaviour and interests and deploys the content that matches their needs.

Personalise Your Journey

Deliver a personalised journey for each visitor 1-1, ensuring they get the content that’s most relevant and interesting to them.

Who is auto AI rules for?

Auto AI Rules is perfect for marketers who want to:

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