Concured AI Recommendation Engine

You've never seen your content perform like this before

Let your content do the work to convert readers into customers on auto-pilot. Harness the award-winning AI-powered engagement bar to put the right content in front of the right visitors at the right time.

Content delivers 3x more leads per $ spent versus traditional advertising…

Yet over 60% of content is unread, unseen, and irrelevant to your customers.

Content-rich companies have an opportunity to capitalize on the power of their content to:

Convert new customers directly from your existing content (without creating a single new article)

Stop wasting time and resources writing content that never see the light of day

Generate serious ROI by creating a personalized experience for every single customer

Deliver impactful content that
educates, inspires, and resonates
with your audience


So simple your tech team won’t believe you

No engineering, no complex integrations, and no hassle. Setup in less than 60 minutes with simple JavaScript implementation – and Concured handle the rest.


Watch content performance soar with relevant recommendations​

Our powerful AI engine builds a live, evolving interest profile of every visitor as they read, to recommend specific content based on their interests and behavior – taking them on the most impactful journey possible.


Prove the power of your content with automated insights

Quickly analyze the performance of your content, identify trends, and get actionable insights that demonstrate the ROI of your content – all in a clear, simple, auto-populated dashboard.


Save Your Team 1,000’s of Hours
in Content Tagging

Using NLP, Concured auto-tagging delivers dynamic content recommendations with a contextual, human understanding of your content – without the shed loads of cumbersome manual work.

S&P Global achieved a 700% increase in CTA clicks after choosing Concured

How S&P Global extended the lifetime value of their content and increased ROI from every article they produce to get 700% more CTA clicks.

“We have seen engagement increase by over 80% since implementing Concured”
Nathan Hunt, Head of Content
and Digital, S&P Global

10x your conversions with the multi-award winning content recommendation engine

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Get expert insights into powering
content recommendations with AI

Turn readers into customers with intelligent content recommendations

Extend the lifetime value of content and keep your readers engaged by driving them to the pages that have the most value to them.