Create Engaging Content


CONCURED answers the single-most burning question on every content marketer’s mind: what do I write about? Our platform analyzes millions of data points to highlight trending topic gaps for you to exploit. CONCURED knows what topics engage your audience. Our system tells you exactly what to write about next to stand out from the crowd. Be ahead of your competitors and be a true thought leader.




Increase ROI


CONCURED increases your ROI by adding actionable context to your content production. Our dashboard consolidates existing technologies, providing the insight you need at your fingertips. We tell you specifically what you should write about, eliminating pricy ambiguous keyword tools from your budget. No more wasted content! By basing every piece of content on real engagement data, you ensure that content is guaranteed to perform.

Competitor and Industry Insight


CONCURED provides you with unprecedented access to industry and competition data. Not only do we show you what engages your audience, we give you an exclusive peek into what topics drive the audience of your competition. Become a thought leader by knowing where everyone else’s content falls short and filling that gap.

Gain Executive Buy-in and Produce Consistent Content


CONCURED enables you to create results-based content. By using our recommendations, you can eliminate the guessing game and back up your content strategy with real engagement data and insights. Finally, a content strategy guided by proven data that every level of your company can get behind.


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