"CONCURED enables us to validate our ideas and no longer rely on guesswork"

Chris Marais, Social & Digital Marketing Lead at Nationwide

“CONCURED provides our team with actionable, data-driven insight that enables us to validate our ideas and no longer rely on guesswork.

 Their data allows us to see exactly what topics we should focus on to engage our audience.  This helps us to justify our decisions and gain buy-in from others across the business”

 Chris Marais, Social & Digital Marketing Lead

"We have never understood the interests of our audience better"



Mark Tyler, Senior Manager at SKY

“Social sharing signals are a great indicator of content quality and engagement, but collating social interactions across all of our content on the various social networks and trying to determine why users found these articles engaging was a huge challenge.

What we needed, without realising it, was CONCURED. The software has allowed us to shorten our content production process and increase engagement while providing us with the data we need to justify our content marketing approaches”

Yusuf Bhana, Head of Digital at Translate Media


"It's a must have for any in-house writing or editorial team"


Alycia Wilson, Manager Content Strategy at BMO Financial Group

“CONCURED’s insight delivers data that would otherwise be impossible to see. Their insight helps us to produce content based on data rather than guessing.

By adding CONCURED to our toolkit, 30m have seen a fantastic lift in performance, efficiency and content ROI”

Jared Owen, CEO of 30m

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