Big Banks Content Marketing Stories


Video. Words. Pictures. Voice. A clever content marketing professional is able to take these and deliver a message for any niche. Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it.


Financial content marketing may seem like an impossible task. Most people snooze at the thought of financial information, but there are some banks that do it right. Let’s take a look at a few.


Chase – US


Setting itself apart on the content marketing stage is JP Morgan Chase. Go to their site, and you will see a transition from an ordinary bank into a story-driven brand. They took the plunge into content marketing over two years ago.


“We needed to prove that content can improve marketing’s effectiveness. We also built standards, governance, and communication that reinforced that we would be responsible and thorough,” says Brian Becker, Head of Content for the Chase newsroom (in a Contently article).


Combined with a second-to-none distribution strategy, Chase’s content marketing invigorates and inspires.


Bank of America – US


I have to admit that I was especially taken with the digital Bank of America ads that showed up on Hulu.  They wrap everyday activities around their financial products. I enjoyed learning about refurbishing old tables and cutting boards.


Of course, they also have content marketing pieces on topics you’d expect like budgeting, planning, and managing your finances. All banks should have information like this for people new to banking and finance.


“While positioning the Bank of America brand as an expert in personal financial management, the content makes the information accessible to readers who need simple tips or ideas to manage their finances,” says Brafton.


Wells Fargo – US


Wells Fargo goes a little bit beyond the simple banking sphere and attacks the issues of the day. How do you take care of your family on a budget? How do you select your college? They’ve taken boring financial information to a fresh level with their college financial education blog.


A genuine approach like this promotes loyalty and trust at a time when banks really need to build that up again.


Icici Bank – India


Icici offers a huge range of products to its customers, including consumer banking, corporate banking, and wealth management. There are many sectors at Icici, but the bank has housed its branding all under one roof.


In its marketing, Icici uses promotions and other tactics to get the reader’s attention. For instance, you can get Kindles for opening an account. Take that and combine it with their social campaigns through Facebook, and the result is a lot of brand awareness.


U.S. Bank – US


The folks at U.S. Bank decided to take their content marketing a little bit further. They honed in on a specific customer point of view – the customers who are going to choose US Bank over the others.


“We can now develop content and digital creative very specific to the target audience and deliver it to that audience,” says Kelly Colbert, VP of social media at US Bank (in a discussion with Forbes 


They specialize in targeting the demographics that they want by studying their data patterns. “Because of the interactivity of digital, you’re getting feedback, which gives you the ability to optimize.” In other words, the folks at US Bank are picking their battles and winning.


Content marketing establishes a foundation for banks from which to work. Each piece of targeted content strikes home with visitors. The content that will resonate is something which is not only unique but useful and entertaining as well.


Each bank has a unique story to tell. What story is your bank telling?


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